Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Compiling CinePaint on Ubuntu Maverick

Unfortunately there's no pre-compiled package for CinePaint available for Ubuntu anymore. Compiling the tar source ball out-of the box doesn't work either. Using the current version on SourceForge (cinepaint-0.22-1.tar.gz) I was able to patch the source a bit such that it compiles. Maybe these issues are already fixed in the CVS version, though.

Here's the patch: http://gruenschloss.org/cinepaint/cinepaint-0.22-1-ubuntu-maverick.patch

You can apply the patch in the extracted source directory as follows:
patch -p1 < ../cinepaint-0.22-1-ubuntu-maverick.patch

Then you need to make sure to get over the configure hurdle. By default, the configure script of CinePaint tries to use the old GTK, using the deprecated gtk-config tool. Use a command similar to the following to enable the new version. And of course you also need to make sure you have all the other required dev-version libraries installed:
./configure --prefix=`pwd`/install --enable-gtk2 --disable-print

Afterwards, it will hopefully compile and install without errors. When running, don't forget to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH accordingly if you didn't install it to the system globally.

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jef said...

hey Leo, thanks for making this patch. I'm trying to install it, but i get an error stating
patching file plug-ins/bracketing_to_hdr/br_core/br_Image.cpp
patch: **** malformed patch at line 13: diff -ru cinepaint-0.22-1/plug-ins/bracketing_to_hdr/br_core/ResponseSolver.hpp cinepaint-0.22-1.patched/plug-ins/bracketing_to_hdr/br_core/ResponseSolver.hpp

do you have an idea on how to get beyond that?

leo said...

Hi jef,

I guess that something went wrong when copy-pasting the patch. Also blogger seems to have interpreted parts of it as HTML ;). That's why I've uploaded the patch as a file. Could you try the link in the updated post and see if that works for you?


Morten S. Mikkelsen said...

Thanks for your work mate! I followed your steps and it did work eventually though there were several missing packages.
But ultimately it worked :)
So thanks.

Morten S. Mikkelsen said...

Did any of you manage to get it working under Ubuntu with Oyranos?
I had it compiling and running at first but then I had to get greedy and try and get Oyranos installed. I did and cinepaint ./configure detects but then fails to complete without giving a clear error message.

I get this line:

preparing Makefile in fl_i18n/
Makefile:14: *** missing separator. Stop.

But then at the very end it says:

Now type 'make' and 'make install' / 'make rpm' to build the package and
install. The unix command is 'cinepaint'.

However, if I do type make then all I get is:

make: *** No targets. Stop.

So, has anyone here managed to compile it with Oyranos? Or even tried? And if so did you get the same problem?

Morten S. Mikkelsen said...
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Morten S. Mikkelsen said...

I just thought I'd also mention before I installed oyranos I didn't get the same message. Here's what it wrote when I configured (before installing oyranos).

preparing Makefile in ./
preparing Makefile in fl_i18n/
schaue nach Abhaengikeiten ...