Saturday, September 15, 2007

convert avi to dvd

install tovid.

Adjust MTHREAD="--multi-thread 2" in tovid to MTHREAD="--multi-thread 4" for quadcore. However, the number of threads may not exceed 4.

PATH=~/soft/tovid/tovid-0.31/install/bin:$PATH tovid -dvd -pal -fit 4300 -parallel -noask -in input.avi -out output

use makexml and makedisc as stated in tovid output to generate dvd structure from mpg / burn the disc:

PATH=~/soft/tovid/tovid-0.31/install/bin:$PATH makexml output.mpg -out MyDisc
PATH=~/soft/tovid/tovid-0.31/install/bin:$PATH makedvd -burn -label "my movie" MyDisc.xml

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